Senator Santarsiero Presents $116,000 in State Funds to New Hope Arts

Connie Gering (New Hope Borough Council President), Senator Santarsiero, Larry Keller (New Hope Arts Board Chair and New Hope Mayor) and Carol Cruickshanks

BUCKS COUNTY − July 8, 2021 − Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) visited New Hope Arts Center today to present the organization with a check for $116,000 in state funds.  The grant is for the installation of an elevator so that the exhibition space, located on the second floor, is accessible to all visitors.

“New Hope has long been a beacon for locals and tourists interested in its thriving arts and cultural scene,” said Sen. Santarsiero at a press conference.  “New Hope Arts has the admirable mission of lifting up new artists and providing a space for those who would not traditionally get a gallery showcase.  I was proud to work with the state to secure these funds for the installation of an elevator, which will make the gallery accessible to a broader audience, boosting New Hope Arts as an organization, the impressive artist it features, and the vibrant New Hope community.”

Senator Santarsiero was joined at the press conference by members of the New Hope Arts Board of Directors, local elected officials, and supporters of the organization.

“Since we opened 11 years ago, this is our first opportunity to allow everybody to come to our events, shows and the New Hope Arts Festival,” said Larry Keller, Board Chair of New Hope Arts and Mayor of New Hope.  “I’m giddy and appreciative that Senator Santarsiero has helped us get public support for the first time in our history.  This is a turning point that will help us provide accessibility to the arts, so no one is left out.”

New Hope Borough Council President Connie Gering echoed the effects this grant will have on the arts community in New Hope saying, “This is such a vision for the leadership of the New Hope Arts Center to bring grant money in.  New Hope has been known as an arts community and New Hope Arts is the center of that for New Hope.  Thank you Senator Santarsiero for making this vision possible. This will be an asset to our town to be able to bring more visitors.”

Carol Cruickshanks, Executive Director of New Hope Arts noted that the grant for the elevator will help to expand the opportunities for the organization, saying “We look forward to expanding even more with this great benefit that we have been provided with, and we thank Senator Santarsiero for this opportunity.”

New Hope Arts is an incorporated non-profit arts center that showcases the work of contemporary local artists.  Established in 2002, New Hope Arts presents six to eight exhibits annually, often featuring emerging artists.  More information about New Hope Arts, including current exhibit information, can be found on the organization’s website.


Senator Santarsiero with New Hope Arts Board of Directors