BUCKS COUNTY — March 1, 2021 — State Senators Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Michele Brooks (R-50) will be reintroducing legislation that will allow children to stay on their parent’s health insurance until age 26.  Under current Pennsylvania law, a child can stay on his or her parent’s insurance until he or she reaches age 19. Senate Bill 53 seeks to increase that age to 26 to bring the Commonwealth in line with federal law. 

“Access to quality, affordable health insurance is a critical right for all individuals,” said Sen. Santarsiero.  “SB 53 will improve access to healthcare by allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s insurance until age 26.  We have seen during the pandemic that medical treatment can be the difference between life and death, and that insurance through an employer is not a guarantee.  After years of attacks on the Affordable Care Act, we must act at the state level to ensure no young Pennsylvanian must choose between healthcare and financial hardship.”

“In this difficult economic climate, it is important that young adults in Pennsylvania can remain on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26, as the current Affordable Care Act provides. There are a variety of reasons why a young adult would need to stay on a parent’s insurance, including continuing their education or working in an entry-level job that does not provide health insurance.  Pennsylvania is taking a proactive approach to ensure coverage for young adults if the Affordable Care Act is repealed at the federal level,” Sen. Brooks said.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, 89,000 young adults have insurance coverage because they are able to stay on their parent’s insurance. 

Senators Santarsiero and Brooks are reintroducing this legislation, having initially introduced this legislation during the previous Senate session.  With the start of the new session in January 2021, all bills that were not passed in the previous session must be re-introduced and begin the legislative process anew.