BUCKS COUNTY – December 20, 2018  – Senators-elect Steve Santarsiero (D-10, Bucks) and Maria Collett (D-12, Bucks and Montgomery) issued a joint press release to local residents in response to the Texas court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

To address the Texas ruling, Senators-elect Santarsiero and Collett joined the Senate Democratic Caucus in co-sponsoring SB 50 and 51. SB 50 will protect Bucks and Montgomery County residents who have pre-existing conditions and SB 51 will protect the ten essential health benefits (EHB) covered by the ACA, making those benefits mandatory under state law. 

“Without SB 50 and SB 51, we are all at risk of losing coverage or essential benefits in light of this ruling. As a health care provider, I have seen the devastation caused when coverage is denied,” said Senator-elect Maria Collett. “No family should have to choose between meals and medical care. Senator-elect Santarsiero and I are committed to protecting our constituents and all Pennsylvanians so that no family suffers.” 

“The constant attempts at robbing residents their right to affordable and accessible healthcare must end,” Senator-elect Steve Santarsiero said. “Senator-elect Collett and I will work to protect and strengthen healthcare for all local residents. We’re not going to wait for the federal government to act on an issue that effects the lives of hundreds of thousands of local residents. While the ACA isn’t perfect, we want to ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions is protected and to make out-of-pocket costs and premiums more affordable. With SB 50 and 51, we come closer to securing greater healthcare rights for all.” 

For more on the bills that Senators-elect Santarsiero and Collett co-sponsored with the Senate Democratic Caucus, you can find the co-sponsorship memos here: 

* SB 50-Preexisting condition coverage: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/Legis/CSM/showMemoPublic.cfm?chamber=S&SPick=20190&cosponId=27061   

* SB 51-Essential benefit coverage: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/Legis/CSM/showMemoPublic.cfm?chamber=S&SPick=20190&cosponId=27062