Protect Voter Freedom and Safeguard Personal Information

Your support is critical to stopping the Senate Republicans from collecting the personal information of nearly 7 million Pennsylvanian voters, including driver’s license numbers and social security numbers and turning it over to private companies.

Here’s what I’m doing to protect voter freedom and safeguard personal information:

  • During both the Septiembre 9th and Septiembre 15th Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee hearings, we saw the brazen attempts by my Republican colleagues to use public taxpayer dollars to fund a partisan effort to contest the 2020 election.
  • At press conferences on those days (9/9, 9/15) I spoke about the fact that there was no widespread fraud in the Noviembre 2020 election and requested the United States Attorney General look into whether any federal laws were violated when Fulton County turned over their voting machines for an audit without a public vote or any transparency.
  • On Septiembre 17th I joined my colleagues in filing a lawsuit to stop the Republicans from collecting voter’s personal information.
  • I continue to promote legislation that will increase voter participation, require additional drop box locations for voters, give counties more time to process mail-in ballots (SB 599), and more.

Here’s how you can help the effort:

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